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Music to Transport & Sleigh



All Is Calm

A simple stroke of brightness during the dark Christmas season.

Stop, Drop & Swim

Getting our sites & profiles ready for the exciting release of SWIM

who we are

who is hoversleigh?

Wanda Pecker (keys) & Donna Sagan (bass) are a music, song & sound-making duo in the Pacific Northwest.

HoverSleigh is learning & practicing recording, composition, musicianship & production for a variety of projects & genres, including

  • Soundtracks, scores & background music for videos, presentations, & spicy motion picture productions
  • – Parodies: our names play off another famous music duo
  • – Atmospheric space music (aka New Age music), ambient noise & soundscapes for
  • – Old-fashioned crooners, torch songs, & ballads (like The Bruise)
  • – Jams, rockers, anthems & rallying-cries like SWIM

Pecker & Sagan are married to each other. They enjoy making music alone, together, and with other people depending on the project, resources, and mood.

Photo of music duo HoverSleigh with Donna Sagan (curly hair) on the left & Wanda Pecker (glasses) on the right